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ECC Opening Weekend

Easter is always a time of celebration as we rejoice in Jesus Christ’s triumph over sin and death.

This year, we were especially blessed to be able to celebrate our Lord’s victory together in our new building for the first time.

On Good Friday, 6th April, Edgewell held a small Thanksgiving Service with invited guests and the Church members. In this service, we took a moment to thank those who have supported Edgewell Christian Centre practically, financially and in prayer; and we thanked God for His provision and His grace in this rebuilding project.

Edgewell Christian Centre officially re-opened its doors to the public on Easter Sunday, 8th April, where we celebrated Jesus Christ’s resurrection in song, prayer and reflection after a powerful Easter sermon.

Thank you again to all those who have given time, money and prayers towards the rebuilding of Edgewell Christian Centre. Your support has been overwhelming and hugely appreciated!

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